Twilight Zone Pinball Bally is a 1993 pinball game - Pat Tawlor - Unique Pinball

Twilight Zone Pinball Bally is a 1993 pinball game - Pat Tawlor - Unique Pinball

This pinball machine was designed by Pat Lawlor and released by Midway.

This pinball is in very neat condition, plays as it should. Very extensive playing field.

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After the huge success of The Addams Family pinball machine, Midway gave Lawlor complete control over the design of their next game.

The result, Twilight Zone, is often regarded by pinball players as one of the most complex pinball games ever.

In addition to the traditional music from the original television series, the game also uses music from the song "Twilight Zone", by the band Golden Earring.

Single Ball Modes

Twilight Zone contains fifteen single-ball "modes". Fourteen of these are displayed as panels in the center of the playing field. The aim of these modes is to light up all the panels to activate the "Lost in the Zone" game.

There are several methods of lighting up the panels, including hitting the slot machine or the piano.


10 Million Points — gives 10 million points

Lite Gumball — This will light up the gumball machine, after which players must try to shoot the ball into it.

Town Square Madness - time fashion. All goals in the game gain an extra value temporarily.

Fast Lock — a radio plays a clip from Pat Lawlor's previous games, with a jackpot value like "Frequency". By shooting the ball into the slot, the player wins the jackpot and activates the 3-ball Multi-Ball mode.

Super Skill Shot — This lights up the Super Skill Shot. This allows bonuses to be gained by shooting the ball in a special way.

Super Slot - time mode. By shooting the ball into the slot machine extra points are awarded.

Lite Extra Ball — the "Extra Ball" light will illuminate.

The Camera — the camera turns on. Shooting the ball into this can award any prize such as "20 Million Points", "Lite Outlanes", "10 Million Clock", "Collect Bonus", "3X Town Square", and "10 Hitchhikers".

The Spiral — time fashion. By shooting the ball against the spiral magnet you can earn extra points.

Clock Millions — time mode. Shooting the ball counterclockwise gives the player 1 million points times the position of the hands on the clock.

Battle The Power — activates "Battle the Power" mode.

Greed — Time fashion. All 5-million-point targets are activated.

Hitch-Hiker — gives two million points for every hitchhiker the player picks up in the game.

Clock Chaos - Time mode. The clock starts at 6:00 and starts counting back. Hitting the clock gives the player 1 million points times the position of the hands. The mode ends when the clock reaches 12:00.


Standard Multi-Ball (3 Balls) — The standard Multi-Ball can be unlocked in several ways. It is possible to lock 3 balls, after which the Multi-Ball is activated.

Power Ball-Media (3 Balls) — Power Ball-Media is started when the player successfully shoots the Power Ball into gumball machine. With this mode, the aim is to hit the jackpot by hitting the "Battle The Power".

Fast Lock Multi-Ball (3 Balls)

Lost in the Zone (6 balls) — the strongest play mode in the game. This mode can be activated by lighting up all the panels, then hitting the doorknob. The player gets 6 balls in the playing field for 1 minute (these are constantly replenished), after which the game stops and all panels have to be lifted again.

State: Very good condition
Color: Unspecified
Period: 1993

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