Wurlitzer 1015 - One More Time - 100 CDs - 2 extra speakers

Wurlitzer 1015 - One More Time - 100 CDs - 2 extra speakers

Beautiful Wurlitzer 1015 - One more time - 90ies - Rolling

Chrome and glitter, rotating light columns with magically changing colors.

Classic rotating column lighting and fascinating Bubble Tubes provide a spectacular spectacle.

This Wurlitzer - One more time CD version - comes with a CD magazine that fits 100 CDs.

The stereo transistor amplifier with electronic overload protection delivers 200 watts of music power to 6 speakers (3-way system).


A 4 digit LED display shows the number of the selected CD and the number of the selected track.

The microprocessor unit controls all functions from credit and bonus setting to playback of the records with automatic registration of the top tunes.

Several functions of the microprocessor unit include -blocking one or more titles.

- Show the cash content

- Number of chosen selections

- Specify at what times per day the automatic background music function is activated

Technical specifications:

  • Voltage 220V
  • Dimensions: H 152cm x W 81.5cm x D 64cm
  • Weight: 157 kg
  • Infrared remote control

Additional speakers model 120:

  • 2 way speakers with wooden housing
  • Dimensions H 52cm x W 32cm x D 25cm
  • Music Power 120w 8ohm
  • 3-way speaker for wall or ceiling mounting
  • Dimensions: Diameter 86cm x Deep 44cm
  • Weight 26kg
  • Music power 80w 8ohm
State: Very good condition
Color: Unspecified
Period: 1990

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